At St James Lending, we believe that information should not only be freely available but also easy to understand. As a result, we have done everything in our power to take the most important concepts in personal banking and finance and explain them in plain terms. We not only work to demystify the inner workings of various agreements that banks offer but also to teach you how to take advantage of a financial system that you are part of. All the information is organised in specific guides that approach various subjects, show how they could put you in difficult positions, and present solutions.

Our specialists work tirelessly to analyse the various types of offers that banks and other lenders develop. The results of these analyses are the building blocks of our guides and informative content. The end goal is to educate individuals of all ages so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to their financial lives. Taking out a personal loan, a line of credit or a mortgage is often the cause of a lot of stress, but only if you do not know what you’re getting yourself into. The content that we offer will explain what different types of loans are, what their requirements mean and how they can affect your credit report, among others.