OFSTED April 2017 Key Comments: 

  • ‘Pupils shine at this school because they benefit enormously from being part of the ‘St James family’, a supportive and caring community. They are happy and safe in school.
  • ‘The conduct of pupils in this school, the way they interact with each other and adults, is impeccable – in fact, it is the best I have ever seen(Feedback from HMI to School Governors, Local Authority and Diocesan representatives)
  • Pupils readily respond to leaders’ high expectations evident in the ‘SHINE’ ethos. As a result, they ‘Speak politely, Have respect, follow Instructions, Never say never and Engage positively’ in all that they do
  • ‘Pupils work exceptionally well together’
  • ‘Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning, they are curious and want to achieve their best.’
  • ‘Pupils know what it means to be ‘ready to learn’’
  • ‘Pupils’ conduct is exemplary. They show high levels of respect for each other and for their teachers and teaching assistants.
  • ‘Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength of the school’
  • ‘The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding. Leaders make sure that pupils are cared for exceptionally well’
  • ‘Staff are proud to be a member of staff at this school’
  • ‘Pupils, including the most able, are challenged by their work’
  • ‘Pupils are taught the skills needed to become thoughtful, self-confident citizens, able to express their views and opinions.’
  • ‘Progress overall is much better than that of similar-ability pupils nationally’
  • ‘Key stage 4 outcomes in GCSE examinations demonstrate consistently strong progress over each of the last three years’
  • ‘Parents have highly-positive views of the school and confirm their children are safe and happy at this school. They greatly appreciate the pastoral care and support provided.’
  • ‘Pupils say they feel safe at school, they say there are no bullies and are confident they would be listened to if they shared a concern with a teacher or pastoral leader.’
  • ‘Governors know the strengths of the school and where there are further improvements still to be made.’
  • ‘Pupils enjoy coming to school.’
  • ‘Pupils, including the most able, are challenged by their work because most teachers have high expectations of pupils and plan work which is hard enough for them.’
  • ‘Pupils learn well and make excellent progress because teaching in English, mathematics and most other subjects is consistently good.’
  • ‘Leaders have successfully introduced a more ambitious culture in the school based upon high expectations.’
  • ‘Pupils typically make good progress because teachers have strong subject knowledge, which they use well to plan interesting and challenging work for pupils.’
  • ‘Teaching assistants support pupils well in lessons, including low-ability pupils and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, who need extra help.’

Staff Emails

Who to Contact: 2018-2019

Progress, homework, illness or pastoral concerns: Relevant Form Tutor, Pastoral Manager, Head of Year or Assistant Headteacher.

Pastoral Manager  KS3         Mrs C Chadwick caroline.chadwick@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

Pastoral Manager  KS4         Mrs A Hutchings alex.hutchings@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

Lay Chaplain                          Mrs E Bennett emma.bennett@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk          

Head of Year 7

Mrs C Linford clare.linford@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk


Mr M Brown matthew.brown@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk Monday


Mr K Wilby kurt.wilby@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk


Mrs L Moss laura.moss@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

7M Miss K Sweeney karen.sweeney@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
7E Mrs K Booth kerry.booth@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
  Mrs V Floyd victoria.floyd@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

Mrs H Grainger helen.grainger@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

7C  Mr E Wheelan edward.wheelan@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
Head of Year 8  Mr R Maidment ryan.maidment@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
8J  Mrs V Isherwood-Cann verity.isherwood-cann@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
8A Mrs C Duggan ciara.duggan@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
8M Mr S Lindo simon.lindo@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
8E Mrs C Williams camille.williams@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

Mrs L Wilby lucy.wilby@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

8C Mrs C Pickles clare.pickles@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
Heads of Year 9  Miss O Woods olivia.woods@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
  Dr H Nye helen.nye@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk (Wednesday & Friday)
9J Mrs L Birch louise.birch@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
9A Mr F Swarbrick francis.swarbrick@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
9M Mr M Chester marcus.chester@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
9E Mrs E Bray elspeth.bray@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
9S Mrs D Rarity dominique.rarity@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
9C Mrs T Dingle tanya.dingle@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
  Mrs A Atherton angela.atherton@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
Head of Year 10  Mr J Cawley joseph.cawley@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
10J Mr I Walker ian.walker@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
10A Mrs A McGarr alison.mcgarr@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
10M Mrs C Malins christine.malins@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
10E Mr I Murphy ian.murphy@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

Miss C Dewhurst charlotte.dewhurst@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

10C Miss D Massey donna.massey@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
Head of Year 11 Miss G Cheshire gillian.cheshire@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
11J Miss C Mylott celia.mylott@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
11A Mrs C Brown charmaine.brown@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
11M  Miss V Molyneux victoria.molyneux@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
11E Mrs J Healey jenny.healey@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

Mrs V Bickerton victoria.bickerton@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk

  Miss C Berry cate.berry@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk (Friday)
11C   Miss V Trainor victoria.trainor@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
Headteacher  Mr A Pontifex headteacher@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Deputy Headteacher Mrs P Livesey patricia.livesey@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Assistant Headteacher Pastoral  Mrs E Keenan emma.keenan@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk  + Child Protection
Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning Dr S Guscott  stephen.guscott@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Admissions & Uniform  Miss M McCumesky michelle.mccumesky@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Attendance Mrs C Hanley  claire.hanley@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
Work Related Learning Coordinator Mrs H Grainger helen.grainger@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Change of personal details  Reception  office@stjameschs.org.uk 
IT Mr T Millar   thomas.millar@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Exams and Library  Mrs A Morrin  amy.morrin@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Medical Needs  Mrs S Charnock  stacey.charnock@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
School Buses  Reception office@stjameschs.org.uk
Special Needs SENCO Mr M Bulfin mark.bulfin@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk 
Boys’ Sport Mr I Walker ian.walker@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk
Girls’ Sport  Miss V Molyneux  victoria.molyneux@st-jamescatholic.stockport.sch.uk